Blogging for peace

This  blog is EPI’s way of reaching out to and staying in touch with the community of educators, peace activists and peace educators with whom we have connected in the course of carrying out the research studies that were supported by the Sir Ratan Tata Trust in 2008-09. 

  • We hope it will serve as a forum for us to share ideas and experiences. We hope you will contribute to the blog.
  • We hope it will enable sharing of research and new thinking on education, peace education and peacebuilding. 
  • We hope to use it as an online clipping file, posting articles that are useful and relevant.
  • We hope it will be an accessible storefront for our own work, so that no matter where you are, you can drop by and catch up with us… leaving notes of your own, of course.

In other words, we are setting up this blog, but we are setting it up as a shared resource for a larger community of peace educators around the world, therefore this is also your blog.

We hope you will visit often and bring something to leave behind on its pages, each time.

One thought on “Blogging for peace

  1. Hi there peaceprajnya,

    Thank you for a wonderful blog. It is great to learn about your good initiatives. Very inspirational.
    I wanted to introduce you to WE MAKE PEACE. We are a non profit organization working with peace education internationally though our materials, workshops, and campaigns. We would like to share news and ideas on peace learning with you.

    Visit our blog for more info here:

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