“Who’s your SHero?” Essays

We present below the six essays selected for special recognition at “Who’s your SHero?” They will also be published in the Aseema Trust’s children’s newsletter, Chakram-Chakram.

English Essays

Who’s your Shero By:V R Sanjana 1[Bala Vidya Mandir]

Who’s your Shero? by: Sandhya 1[Avvai Home] sandhya 2 sandhya 3 sandhya 4

Who’s your Shero? by:Sameer Barretto 1[Abacus Montessori School] sameer 2

Tamil Essays

Who’s your Shero? by: Reva Saksena 1[Bala Vidya mandir]

Who’s your Shero? by: M Roja 1[Krishnaswamy Matriculation School]m roja 2

Who’s your Shero? by: A Amila 1 amila 2

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