Teachers’ Day 2011:”A Teacher moment” by Brig (R) Trigunesh Mukherjee, AVSM

Brig (R) Trigunesh Mukherjee, AVSM is a trainer/facilitator with Exper Executive Education, Bangalore

Some Incidents Touch Your Life

A number of years back I had the opportunity of conducting a learning programme for teachers of a

College in Punjab on “Achieving One’s Full Potential”. The group consisted of about 60 teachers from

various departments. Towards the end of Day 1 of the programme, one of the Music teachers came up

to me and said that one of the other (there were three from the Department of Music) teachers wanted

to speak to me. This teacher was blind so his friend had come to ask. When the gentleman came up

he told me, “Sir, I became blind when I was seven years old due to a drug reaction. Therefore, I still have

some idea of colours, shapes, etc. I have formed an image of you in my mind and I want to touch your

face to check if I have got a fairly accurate image”. Of course, I asked him to go ahead. He spent some

time feeling my head, forehead, face, nose, ears , lips. Then with a big smile on his face, he said, “You

are exactly as I pictured you in my mind”. My voice was choked – couldn’t even say thank you. As a

facilitator – or teacher, if you will – once in a while comes such intense satisfaction. It just renews one’s

enthusiasm and desire to be a “teacher” .

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