Education and values

Our friend, Meeta Sengupta, writes in her blog:

“It is practically impossible to teach without passing on some of the values that the teacher ascribes to. To even try to do so would be to suck the soul out of teaching. The simple act of teaching is about communicating certain values about commitment, preparation, discipline, timeliness, completeness, caring, attention curiosity, communication and many others. Value free teaching is not even possible.

…The real question here is that of governance – is it the responsibility of the institution to have clear, well designed value paradigms that inform the day to day operations of the school?…”

At Prajnya’s Education for Peace Initiative, we do believe that values should be taught in school (and at home) and that these should be the values that promote a culture of peace: acceptance, sensitivity, cooperation, for instance. What do you think?

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