To ‘Sir’ with love

 Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three. Confucius 

As a teacher I always want to inspire my students to want to know and learn more. To give them that first corner and leave them with the excitement of finding the other three.And I often wonder if  other teachers out there wish the same and if not, Why?

Had I not seen this in action and been at the receiving end of this magic I may not have dreamed the same for my students either.  It is this kind of teacher that I have had the privilege of knowing. One who taught me so, that I never realized it happening, who knew me and found ways to engage me with little red seeds for counting and wooden puzzles to solve. Who taught in rooms with no fancy air conditioners and tiled  floors but filled with interesting boxes and dusty books that beckoned you. Who made you feel he was your peer with  the enthusiasm he shared for learning and discovering ,even if you were in fact more than half a century apart in age. Who spoke of truths and facts without judging . Whose very presence attracted us enough to rush from the railway station to the plush homes we were meant to live in for the summer, dump our bags and take the first bus out to a small settlement in Urur village in anticipation of joyful times . Whose aristocratic Grecian  features erupted into a wholesome smile of welcome at the sight of us bedraggled children. I could go on about this man who is still the first name that comes to my lips when someone asks about great teachers. ‘Sir’, as he was lovingly called by one and all, a theosophist, an animal lover, Principal of the erstwhile Besant Theosophical school but most of all an embodiment of patience and respect.

It is to this inspiring man I tip my hat, and to all the others who followed in his footsteps, guided by his example and hope someday I will be able to as well.

Happy Teacher’s day !

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