Kriti, September 21, 2012: Photo Album & Report

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Director’s note: On International Day of Peace , we at Prajnya, celebrated with a small  group of people by engaging in conversations about the what, why’s and how’s of Peace  education. Kriti was our attempt to begin the conversation of Peace with some educators in the city and to  encourage them to  implement some of the NCF guidelines for peace education that lie dormant within the 2005 guideline document. While  changes were made to the original version of Kriti  due to less participation from schools on account of exams, the interactions , discussions and debates that were part of it were as, if not more, valuable as we could have deeper conversation ,sustained for longer periods, on Peace topics  that were close to our hearts. So overall Kriti was a  success and as each made a commitment to  taking small steps towards implementation of Peace Education in our own spaces slowly building and bringing it forward to larger community, we felt that we had truly begun a new journey .

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