A teacher reflects on peace

by Unnamalai Manickam

What does ‘PEACE’ mean to me?

I just wondered what ‘peace’ meant actually to me. First, I asked a few questions to myself to disregard the general assumptions that are believed. When all my materialistic desires are satisfied, when I have no personal issues with anyone, when my ears are shut to others’ problems . . . Would I be able to say that I am leading a peaceful life?

As a mother, peace is in the harmony of the family. As a teacher, I wish all the children apply the concepts they learn. As an Indian, I wish there is no rivalry with any of the countries of the world, and within the country, people should live united with all the imbalances and diversities still existing.

As a human being peace is fighting against injustice, making judicious use of time and other resources, appreciating and protecting nature and its wealth, knowing my limitations and accepting  individuals for what they are, unconditional love, finally when TV channels, newspapers and other media have nothing to say about destruction.

Maybe then I would say the world sounds peaceful.

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