Education for Peace: Call for Volunteers


Concerned about growing levels of violence in society?

Spend a lot of time thinking about schooling and education?

Passionate about international relations but not sure what you can do?

Get in touch with us!
We may be looking for you at Prajnya’s Education for Peace Initiative!

Prajnya needs a few rock-solid-reliable, enthusiastic and committed volunteers
to take its Education for Peace work forward.
We need people to work on our school-based programmes.

Our Peace Education volunteers need to:

  • Know something about working with children between 11 and 15 years of age,
    and enjoy it too!

  • Have the following personality traits:
    Have excellent communication skills and be willing to interact openly with groups.
    Be non-judgmental, so they can moderate discussions and debates with multiple viewpoints.

  • Be based in Chennai.

  • Be fluent in English and Tamil. Hindi is a bonus!

  • Be able to travel around the city on their own.

  • Be available to work during school hours.

  • Have access to the Internet at home and be proficient in standard computer use.

Please note this is NOT a paid position. We are looking for volunteers in the old-fashioned sense.

Think you fit the bill but not sure you understand the work?
That’s okay! We plan to hold a training very soon.
Not sure you fit the bill, but you’d really like to do this work?
Email us anyway without hesitation!

We’re hoping to find and train a few new volunteers very soon,
so we’re setting an early deadline: July 15.
But we do need people on an ongoing basis, so if you see this after that, write in anyway!

We’d encourage you to look at our website ( and blog ( before you email us.

Send your cv with a brief covering note that shares
why you are interested in this work to this address:

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