A new year at the Peace Club

Prajnya went back to do a second year of the Peace Club project at PSBB Millennium School, Gerukambakkam. We’re again working with seventh standard students, and four sessions down, it’s been a blast!

In the first session, we introduced the entire batch to the idea of peace, as we see it–acceptance, equality, justice, freedom, harmony with nature. The entire Peace Education team was present–a rare event in itself–so here’s a selfie so you can see who we are.


We took some time to brief the seventh standard teachers on what the peace club’s goals were and what we planned to do, and then in that next picture you see the entire lot–seven sections of 35 children each!

120 133

For the launch session of the Peace Club–where a self-selected 35 students became Peace Ambassadors–we had them bring in artwork depicting peace on small squares that we used to make a large poster.


The third session was a presentation on Acceptance, a most basic peace value. In the fourth session, Peace Club members–the Peace Ambassadors chose or made up stories that illustrate this value (or its absence). They narrated these mostly using role-play but in one instance, using finger puppets!

IMG_1830 IMG_1832 IMG_1838 IMG_1840 IMG_1828 IMG_1833IMG_1844

This year we have a far fuller schedule of meetings and activities planned. We’re off to a great start!

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