“Empathy in Action”

“How do children learn to care enough about others that they reap the personal rewards associated with giving? When young people develop empathy, they not only thrive in school and life, but they also impact their communities in positive, often extraordinary ways.”

An article by Marilyn Price-Mitchell in Edutopia opens with this question. At the Education for Peace Initiative, we believe empathy comes naturally to children. They unlearn it over time and in our work, we simply try to remind them of what they naturally feel.

Read Price-Mitchell’s article here: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/8-pathways-empathy-in-action-marilyn-price-mitchell?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=cpc

Price-Mitchell says great teachers use the following six means to teach empathy:

  1. Create meaningful relationships with students.
  2. Nurture children’s self-efficacy through mentoring.
  3. Teach values associated with good citizenship.
  4. Inspire students to become their best selves.
  5. Expose students to different opinions and worldviews.
  6. Link curriculum to real-world service activities.

These ideas apply to teaching, parenting and for that matter, running a great company!

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