Champions of Peace: A new blog series

We are starting a new series of blogposts called “Champions of Peace.” The series will feature profiles, life-stories and anecdotes from the lives of women and men who worked for peace. Their work could have been in the actual sphere of stopping conflict, or in the more holistic way we would like children to understand peace–working to serve others, or teaching about peace and non-violence, or being part of a freedom struggle, or defending human rights and equality.

The idea behind this is that the heroic role-models children (and adults) learn about should include those whose heroism did not involve war, conquest, subjugation or violence. We want to give parents, teachers and children role-models who championed a more peaceful world and to show that peace values can be lived. We want to put alternative stories out there that you can narrate at bed-time or use in the classroom or write skits about!

We invite your suggestions of lives and stories to be included in this series, which is being researched by Meera Rajagopalan, Rashmi Wankhede and Michelle Ann James. Leave a comment here or send them to

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