Richard Scarry’s evolving world!

Richard Scarry’s books are among the world’s most popular children’s books in English. First published in 1963, they reflected the ethos of the 1950s in their stereotyping by gender and ethnicity. Over the decades, until his death in 1994, Scarry was sensitive enough to update his books in response to criticisms about this.

“DiLeo was quick to point out that Scarry wasn’t a monster, or misogynist, bu rather that his work was eventually revealed to be “behind the times.” The author genuinely responded to the criticism that his book used too many stereotypes and made changes to the book a number of times throughout the years, culminating in the 1991 edition.

Scarry died in 1994, but in accepting criticism and changing his book taught an important lesson about how we interact with art.”

This short blogpost illustrates how important content is when we write for children. Small images and phrases that seem insignificant to us have a huge impact on their world view. Do read this and look at the Flickr feed linked to it!

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