PeaceVerse: Five things about peace they don’t tell you #worldpoetryday

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Five things about peace they don’t tell you:

One :
Peace is like unwrapping a gift
stuffed with layers of empty boxes
on after the other
for you to find a single bar of dairy milk
in the last one,
you ask me why so many boxes,
I tell you peace is not a day’s phenomenon
it comes after ages of practise
and patience,
to deal with breathing
not knowing what lies ahead
sometimes not knowing If there is anything at all.

I carry the Soul of a River
in my bag,
it’s a book by Nikita Gill,
gifted by a friend
who loved me on days
I didn’t know how to love myself,
teaching me that
peace isn’t absence of war
it’s holding on to the war in your fist
and telling yourself that it is going to end.

The lump of fire in my chest
wasn’t thrown
by the universe,
it was born inside me
and will die
the day I choose to let it
water my burns.

Sometimes you think it’s a just a sun rise,
but it’s the sun burning down
the agony of your heart’s lament
that the moon couldn’t bear last night.
Peace is about
immersing yourself in your blemishes
and not feeling being flawed.

Your body is not a temple,
it’s an ancient mansion with broken walls
spider webs,
paintings of faces you have never met,
crowns with no queens,
thrones with swords
and no anger,
your flab,
your crooked teeth,
your thighs,
and your face is exactly the way it should be,
there is nothing you should want to do to make it
more like the model on the front page of a magazine who is more often than not
photoshopped than photographed,
there is nothing you can do to make you
look less like you,
there is a reservoir of peace in
letting yourself be you.

By Vasanthi Swetha 

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