PeaceVerse: Kashmir #worldpoetryday

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I hear the soldiers crying

Blood on their hands that should never have bled


to their own bright-eyed children;

and mourn

I see government leaders blind

Oh signs surround them

The venom, the violence!

Putrid pellets!

I cry

My grandmother visited Kashmir

when I was only a girl

‘A place of infinite beauty,’

she said

Gandhi, the grandson, writes through his anguish

‘No arms are stronger than those — empty of gun, grenade or stone —

that swing freely,

with faith

in the ultimate triumph of a pure goal’

Rumi swirls

the disputed territory

‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field

I will meet you there.’

Endless fields beseech: meet, meet, meet


The Mir

has lain down his job,

to teach the children-

not to hate;

Teach the children

don’t throw stones,

Replacing revenge with a peace-led life

The cycle of violence ends

When peace begins with me.

‘When the sword becomes words

Then it will be done.’

By Margaret Hepworth

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