PeaceVerse: Peace in Didactics #worldpoetryday

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Explicating ‘peace’ in didactic;
I lay open my experience candid

Perhaps violence exists more naturally than peace;
Hence I unfold the story in its anti-thesis

‘He’ asked me to bite off more than I can chew;
While he was ready to teach me addition, I failed to hold numbers in lieu

He asked me to write home a ‘letter’;
While I struggle to discern writing the oblique lines of ‘letters’ better

Lost in the mechanics of classroom, he decontextualizes from my reality;
While we finish reading the story in the textbook, he fails to read the story of my existentiality

In this rushed academic training, he was even oblivious to my poor pencil grip;
Not understanding, how violent must be this educational trip

The class lesson was obscurely clear, his instruction also did not steer;
‘Obscurum per obscurius’, would certainly convey my argument clear

While he asked questions to fathom my ignorance, I stole glances to salvage my dignity;
Mistaking my intellectual estate for my unimpaired mental capacity, made me doubt his sagacity

Sitting dazed, handicapped by his brazen instruct;
I was shunned as black sheep and odd duck

He mortified my pride, my self-worth, my dignity under the garb of that lesson;
In that classroom that day I remember losing not only my pencil but my self-possession

Not only self-perception, self-worth and self-image but the protean loyalties of my peers shifted with my academic grades;
Offering me to look how social ties get trade

I flinch with the acidity in his voice;
Wondering what makes him utter in devoice

I understand that the injuries to my psyche were not personal;
But he enacted his social self from his consolidated structural

I also understand a thing about human nature;
That it only bears brunt on those who lie low in stature

He made me a mediocre chained to a routine;
He made me a step-ford student, to elicit the conformist in me.

He incentivized my actions, he rewarded my compliance;
Being an echo, I soon realized that I lost my voice

I understand that his presence seemed formidable;
Not because I was standing on my knees but because he was standing on a pedestal

He failed not only because he failed to develop my competency;
But he failed also because he failed to support my deficiency

I write this today because past always feeds the present and experiences alter personalities;
But also because our education system stands a little a more faded than the taste of these memories.

In a mad rush from knowledge to workplace, I missed on education;
Education can be a panacea, just that education needs education.

By Ashmeet Kaur

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