PeaceVerse: The upraised hand #worldpoetryday

PeaceVerse banner

The upraised hand

Anger. . . f/s/lashes

Of hurt and rage

Hurt bodies and minds;

The burning mind,

Thoughts flashing, searing,

The disturbed mind;

Day in and day out,

Waves pound the sandbar,

Compounding particles;

How to turn the raging sea

Into a calm pond?

The hand raised

In the abhaya gesture,


Peace, fear not;

Shantideva’s message of healing

Stirs my heart to go out

To “all travellers on the way [and]

Be a bridge, a boat, and a ship . . .”

There is a lot of

Light in my room


For all seekers.


By Aravinda Bhat

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