PeaceVerse: World Peace #worldpoetryday

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World Peace

In a way I am very glad
I can never ace a beauty pageant.
I can’t get myself to lie
with a dazzling smile, that
I want world peace.

I do, however, want
a piece of this world
a Koffee Hamper of assorted items

three sandalwood sticks + some Japanese picture books + an oil-painting of a
patient turquoise bird + white boxing gloves + spinach – crunchy and soft in equal parts + chardonnay and cheddar cheese + 20000 mAh power bank + 53 shades of red wool + one jar of aloevera gel

all kinds of precious
for the women in my life
my peacemakers.

You know, the bridge to my father’s
distant emotional landscape
is built on my mother’s back?

My sisters see my broken self
like children look at a box of Lego.
A readiness to reconstruct
without insurance
against my recurring quakes.
Because of the colours and perhaps,
we have a long history of
stacking the vertebrae
in each other’s spines.

My teachers meet me in gardens
beyond right and wrong
outside syllabus and schedule
to share their latest findings on
survival and poetry’s part in it.

Women fish for peace in thunderstorms at sea
and share it with other women along with socks,
memes, meditation audios and evidence backed advice.

Forget pageants. Forget the Nobel.
Forget that war takes place
outside of human bodies.

In its groin women kick the world
and crown each other with peace.
Now that’s world peace.

By Rajashree Gandhi

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