When Dawn Breaks: An Invitation to Imagine Utopia

An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.
(Hindi: आदर्शलोक; Tamil: கற்பனையுலகு)

Around the world, we sit in lockdown, quarantine or isolation, and there is no end in sight to this pandemic crisis. As difficult as this moment is, it is also a wonderful time to imagine what a perfect world would mean to each of us. We invite you to imagine and describe to us that perfect world. Share your imagining with us, and we will post/host it on our blog here or our YouTube Channel.


Virus. Health. Flight. Lockdown. Transformation. Infection. Recovery. Anger. Reconstruction.
Preparation. Risk. Morbidity. Rest. Quarantine.Isolation. Hygiene. Conversation. Suffering. Rehabilitation. Slowdown.Recuperation. Fear. Reconstitution. Protection. Family. Introspection. Revival. 

This too shall pass.
And when a new post-pandemic day dawns,
to what kind of world do you want to wake up?


Creating a New World

Imagine a post-pandemic Utopia,
in line and colour, in prose or verse, and share your vision with us.
Let us spend this dark night imagining the dawn,
so that when it comes, we may make it real.

You can send us
* photos or photos of other art, with a short write-up or caption
* poetry, fiction, drama or essay
* a combination of these, as it pleases you! 

We will publish the pieces on The Peace Blog
(and you retain your copyright,
though we may post a link or use a quotation in our work).

We are also happy to receive performance audio/ videos of
spoken word, music, dance or theatre.
Make sure the audio/ video quality is good.
We will post the videos on our YouTube channel and link to them from our blog.

Individuals and groups of all ages are invited to contribute.

All languages are welcome.
If your work is not in English, we would need you to:
* proof read it yourself;
* work with us to ensure it is published correctly;
* provide a short English summary or description.
If your video is not in English, please send it to us with good subtitles.

There is no template but remember:
* your image should be of a reasonably high resolution;
* your writing, if over 1500 words, may need to be published in two parts,
and it is best you structure the segments for us;
* this is a blog and layout variations are limited.

There is no deadline for this. Share as you imagine and create.

Email your contributions to peace.prajnya@gmail.com


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