When Dawn Breaks: My Wish, by Apurva, Anjana and Annalakshmi Ramasamy


by Apurva and Anjana Ramasamy,
with their mother, Annalakshmi


“Dring, dring!” My alarm clock sounded

As I dragged myself out of bed the sun threw its first ray of light

Birds chirped a beautiful song, but I didn’t have time to listen to that elegant song!

Here I am ready for a busy day;  Everyone rushes out of the houses, no time for a sign of love

Got into the car, on the way to school; A deer ran past the car in fear

We lurched forward as the car came to a halt

Felt ashamed as I realize we humans are occupying the deer’s habitat

Reached the school to face the new day of challenges…

Bell rang, the students chatters stopped

“Today we are going to learn about ocean pollution by humans!” exclaimed the science teacher

“Ugh!!” groaned the students; “Who cares?” called out a student from the back row…

In the cafeteria, the TV was showing the news channel

“Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China,”

A crowd of students pointed and whispered while others were too busy eating and chatting…

There comes the evening, on the way back home

Looked out the window…

There is the mall overflowing with people

Not sure what they’re buying?

Passed the park full of the laughter and happiness

Reached home but too lazy to clean myself

Run to the kitchen for some chips and chocolates…

In the dinner table, I want to share the news of the corona virus in China, but everybody was too occupied with their electronics to talk…

Went to bed, too scared about the virus

Longing for a comforting hug, as I drifted off to sleep…



As I drifted off to sleep, a nightmare came into play…

The coronavirus outbreak had taken over the world

North, south, east, and west: everybody is affected

The world had just paused; Ambulances rushing to the hospital

Mortuaries were piling up; doctors and nurses were called round the clock

People were quarantined at home; Confusion around town

Schools and parks closed: roads, shops, and restaurants all empty

Limited food and supplies to buy, People surviving with what needed for life

Kids longing to meet friends; adults miserable without loved ones

People losing jobs, economy falling down

Some things, in fact, were acceptable indeed

With no transportation on the road, pollution had dropped

Animals enjoyed the empty habitat and the absence of humans

Atmosphere is clean, water is pure, ocean is calm without human interference

People care for others, people helping good causes

Everyone is careful to wash their hands and take care of their health

Best of all… the time together with family



“Dring, dring!” the alarm clock sounded as I woke up in fear

I run downstairs and hug my family. They look confused; I usually don’t greet them happily

I wish everyone had a time for a sign of love

I kiss everyone goodbye, and run to the car with my mother

On the road, I spot a dead squirrel; I wish people would try harder to not hurt animals and take their space

Reached the school, car comes to a stop…

The bell rings, the students stop talking and walk to their classrooms

In the math period, we get a special visit from a doctor

He talks about cleanliness and health

No one pays attention but me; I wish all the students will pay attention…

At lunch, no one cares about eating lunch without washing hands

I wish people would care more about cleanliness…

The evening comes quick, my mother picks me up

I stare out the window…

There is the mall, just like usual, with people rushing to buy things

I wish they would appreciate what they have before buying new things

The park is there too…

Reached home; Don’t feel like cleaning myself; Eat some snacks

Wish I would be more careful…

At dinner, everyone lingers on their electronics as always…

Time for bed, my eyes flutter to rest

I think for a moment,

I wish even without my nightmare coming true, people would change their way of life…

Apurva Ramasamy, Grade 5, is a student at MLK Intermediate School, Piscataway, New Jersey, United States. Anjana Ramasamy, Grade 2, goes to Randolphville Elementary School, Piscataway, New Jersey, United States. Annalakshmi Ramasamy is their mother. 
They submitted this as a ‘triptych’ table, recreated approximately below.
annalakshmi utopia

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