Friendship Fortnight 2020: Sijo


This sijo is by Rathi Jafer, writer, poet and currently, Director of the Indo-Korean Cultural Centre in Chennai.

The sijo is a Korean 3-line poem where a situation is stated in the first line, strengthened in the second and reversed or provided with a twist in the third.


by Rathi Jafer


The walls close in, the mind shuts down
The spiked antagonist prowls beyond
You reach out virtually, my shield and a reason to smile.


Browbeaten, down and out
A heavy weight to shoulder
Your stretched hand makes me soar.


No words needed when silence speaks
Twilight years remember youthful frolic
You & I, an eternal loop.


Nuanced words and layered colour
Textured to express emotion
I write when you paint.


A sliver of sky glints in the ocean
A carefree, boundless space.
In our mind’s eye, we prevail, etched and retraced memories.

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