Friendship Fortnight 2020: The sea and I


A second poem shared by Rathi Jafer.



The sea & I

by Rathi Jafer

The sea is languid
approaching the shore in no haste
as it used to before.
Perhaps it wonders where the crowds are
who watched and welcomed its racy roar.
It now invites you with a flat floor
tucking itself in
to let you touch its tepid waters
that cleanse you of sand
that curls between your toes
and tickles
with grainy, wet fingers.

The sea is pensive
As am I ,
wondering how long before
it can bellow and bulge
and swell forth once more.

The sea and I,
an eternal loop
of ebb and flow,
where suns and moons
set and rise
on cue.
Where you and I will one day meet
beyond the confines that lock us down,
In boundless space to roam free.

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