Friendship Fortnight 2020: Home


Vasanthi Swetha contributed this poem to PeaceVerse and we are happy to have another poem by her in this blog.




by Vasanthi Swetha

At this very moment
I don’t know what language I breathe in,
the sound of nostalgia
swirls into my heart,
asking questions
I never knew needed an answer.

I sit here
in silence,
touching the tinges of melancholy
that remains
at the end of a thought trip
back to all that we were,
at the end of a thought trip
that paints the story board of life;
the soft whispers of people you loved
linger in the deep corners of your vocal chords
for how else do we remember people
we loved
but by the way we felt
when we called them
by their names
even if it was in a language
that breathed on another land,
how else do we house friendship
but in labels of love
that may not have the script as yours,
may not eat the same food as you, may not like the same colours as you, but breathes very much like you.

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