Friendship Fortnight 2020: A Friend is a Ship


Priyanka Sacheti is a PeaceVerse contributor and combines poetry and photography in her work.



 A Friend is a ShipFriendship

by Priyanka Sacheti

An ode to precious long distance friendships in my life that have shaped and strengthened me over the years.

A silver ribbon threads through lands,
seeking the sea:
the water knows no borders,
it goes where it needs to go.
Migratory birds winging through the air,
they are ignorant too,
of the cracks that separate
one land from next.
They are ships sailing through the sea,
not knowing when one ends
and the other begins:
after all, water is water
wherever one goes.
The birds returning to
the same tree year after year
to nest and nourish,
they only carry
the cargo of love
and nothing else.
They come because they must,
knowing a safe harbour
awaits them always at the end,
soft waves welcoming them back
to a land both unknown
and yet, still their own.

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