Friendship Fortnight 2020: Two states of home


Anupama Sekhar organised Prajnya’s first poetry reading in 2008. After twelve years, she is a part of one of our poetry initiatives once more.


Two states of home

by Anupama Sekhar


In one pastless moment,
I line my eyes with the velvet soot of this burning border,
which I am certain cannot be seen
from the dark side of the deep grey moon.

The rushing Sutlej dances beside my tired, aching feet.
A hungry nomad soul, I drink all of it:
Palm after colourless palm.

Filled to the brim and, yet made empty
by sounds of angry histories,
I fall to my knees.
And sleep dreamless, beside the bare-feet faithfuls
who walk in holy silence around the still blue lake.

When at last, I open my salt-stained eyes,
I am someplace else…
…that also smells of the very same rain.

So, this is how it came to be,
That seeking nightness in Amritsar,
I tasted the dazzle of Lahore’s dawn,
and knew no difference
between my two states of home.

From: Anupama Sekhar, Closer to Ourselves: Stories from the Journey towards Peace in South Asia (pp. 96). New Delhi: WISCOMP.

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