“Who’s your SHero?” Essays

We present below the six essays selected for special recognition at “Who’s your SHero?” They will also be published in the Aseema Trust’s children’s newsletter, Chakram-Chakram. English Essays Who’s your Shero By:V R Sanjana 1[Bala Vidya Mandir] Who’s your Shero? by: Sandhya 1[Avvai Home] sandhya 2 sandhya 3 sandhya 4 Who’s your Shero? by:Sameer Barretto … More “Who’s your SHero?” Essays

Who’s your Shero!

‘Who’s your Shero’ was a writing event organized by the Prajnya Trust’s Education for Peace Initiative, during the 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence in December 2010. The event involved 6th grade students from various city schools who sent in their essays on the topic, honoring women who made a difference at the community, local or national/international levels.  There were essays … More Who’s your Shero!

Peace Day

On the International Day of Peace, one cannot but ponder the fact that “Peace” means different things to different people. I have often been asked what does peace education look like from the inside? Is it just talking about good values and cooperation? Is it teaching one to be proactive about taking a stance? Is … More Peace Day

From Pink Slippers to Peace

Watching four-year olds work out issues through dialogue and seeing boys in pink slippers was at first a revelation and then an inspiration for the Education for Peace Initiative. The  gnawing thought was, “Where do biases and stereotypes originate?” In turn this led me to question, for example, why some people have a gender bias and I don’t. In this process of self-dialogue or soul-searching as … More From Pink Slippers to Peace