Teachable Moments:President Obama’s Farewell

In just a day, the world’s largest democracy will witness a peaceful, constitutional transfer of power. Even at a time when we complain that power-hungry governments and divisive politics threaten the practice and spirit of democracy, a peaceful signing out and swearing in of governments signals that all is not lost. The form is not … More Teachable Moments:President Obama’s Farewell

Writing about Teachable Moments: Confession Time!

I set out to write these Teachable Moment blogposts to help get important conversations going. Things happen and we react to them but do not always take the opportunity they present for teaching and learning. As I write this, I realise that of course, I am going to learn as much from this as anyone reading … More Writing about Teachable Moments: Confession Time!

The Teachable Moment

teachable moment, noun, US: An event or experience which presents a good opportunity for learning something about a particular aspect of life. Each day is full of teachable moments–that is, moments that have the potential to be learning and teaching opportunities. We often experience them through reflection–something happens, and a flash of insight follows or … More The Teachable Moment