Asmita and I: A Friendship Fortnight Post

Asmita and I by Anoushka Zaveri Domestic helpers are a blessing to every household. They bring efficiency to the monotonous task of running a home and a kitchen. They are those family members we forget to include in our families sometimes. They are hard-working, long-term employees who get married to your home, burrow through its … More Asmita and I: A Friendship Fortnight Post

International Friendship Day Reflections

A few weeks ago, I realised that July 30 is International Friendship Day; August 5 is Friendship Day in India; August 12 is International Youth Day, and of course, August 14-15 are when Pakistan and India celebrate their independence–as also, remember the trauma of Partition–a trauma that makes friendship ever so hard for many to … More International Friendship Day Reflections