Peace and Gender Resources

Sansristi and Prajnya have been organising a lecture series on ‘Peace and Gender.’ These are meant to introduce new audience to a feminist perspective on peace and security and to the use of a gender lens to think about these issues. They are a point of departure.

Our speakers have shared additional readings should anyone wish to further research any of the topics. We hope you will find them useful.

Points of departure

  • Betty Reardon and Asha Hans, eds., The Gender Imperative: Human Securty vs State Security, Routledge: New York/New Delhi, 2nd ed. 2019.
  • Asha Hans and Swarna Rajagopalan, eds., 2016 Openings for Peace – UNSCR 1325, women and security in India, Sage Publications, 2016.
  • Farah Faizal and Swarna Rajagopalan, eds., Women, Security, South Asia: A Clearing in the Thicket, Sage, 2005.
  • Cynthia Enloe, Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics, University of California Press, Berkeley, multiple editions.
  • Soumita Basu, Paul Kirby and Laura J. Shepherd, eds., New Directions in Women, Peace and Security, Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2020.

Peace and Gender: Making the Connection

UN Security Council Resolution 1325



Public domain resources:
UN Global Study on 1325, 2015 (The High Level Review)Swarna Rajagopalan, 15 Years of Resolution 1325: Why are women still not included at the peace table?, DNA, October 31, 2105.Swarna Rajagopalan, Women, peace and democracy, New Indian Express, October 31, 2019.

Beyond Conflict: Development, Disaster and Displacement

You can also look up Forced Migration Review.

Disarmament and Gender

Gender, Peace and Development